Yakushi-ike Park | Shikisai no Mori | 薬師池公園

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Intro to Yakushi-ike Park

Come enjoy an Edo era Japanese style garden in Machida city, Tokyo. Yakushi-ike Park has flowers blossoming every season, two old commoner houses, and a large pond. It is perfect for a tranquil stroll and to see how Japanese people lived a little while ago.

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  • Address:

    3270 Nozuta-machi, Machida-shi

  • Contact:


  • Open hours:

    6am – 6pm (Jun. – Aug. 6am – 7pm)*Parking available on the same schedule.

  • Closed:

    Open 365 days

  • Entrance fee:

    Free of charge

Flower Calendar

  • Late Feb. – late Mar. : Japanese apricot
  • Mar. – May. : Camellia
  • Early – late April : Cherry
  • Late Apr. – Early May : Wisteria
  • End of May – late Jun. : Japanese iris
  • Late May – late Jul. : Hydrangea
  • Latter Jul. – mid Aug. : Lotus
  • Late Nov. – mid-Dec. : Autumn leaves
  • End of Dec. – late Feb. : Yukitsuri (supporting ropes tied to trees to protect from the snow)

Background and History of Yakushi-ike Park

In 1982 Yakushi-Ike Park was listed as one o Tokyo’s Top 100 Views and went on to be designated a Tokyo Metropolitan Place of Scenic Beauty in 1998. During 2007 the park was chosen to represent Machida City as one of Japan’s Top 100 Historical Parks. The central pond in the park is surrounded by plum, camellia, maple and cherry trees, along with irises, lotuses, and other lush greenery, allowing you to enjoy the colors of all four seasons. You can also experience a taste of the Edo period by visiting one of the two period houses, the Former Nagai House and the Former Ogino House.

Features and Sights to See at Yakushi-ike Park

Old Commoner Houses

You can get a feel for life during the Edo period by visiting one of the two period houses that were relocated to the park (the Former Nagai Family Residence and the Former Ogino Family Residence).

Yakushi-ike Park, Tokyo Metropolitan Gardens, An old style Japanes Gardens, An old style Japanese building with a thatched roof surrounded by autumn foliage.

Resting Area

The resting area beside the pond, Yakushi-Chaya tea house, sells sweet sake, green tea, sweet dumplings, and other snacks. Yakushi-ike Park retains the essence of its Edo period origins with not just Sights, but also foods!

Yakushi-ike Park Resting Area, Tokyo Metropolitan Gardens, Some of very large Dango on sale.

Area surrounding the pond of Yakushi-ike Park

You can enjoy the flowers and scenery all year round.

Yakushi-ike Park, Tokyo Metropolitan Gardens, View of autumn trees and large pond with some tall buildings in the background.
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