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Discover the beauty of Tokyo’s gardens with Tokyo Metropolitan Gardens. Visit us today and experience the best of nature in the city.

Tokyo Metropolitan Gardens (東京都故園) are both traditional and modern (though mostly tradional) Japanese gardens and parks. These gardens are spread across Tokyo metropolis and are the backbone of most of the public green spaces. Most of the Tokyo Metropolitan Gardens require a small entrance fee (usually around ¥300) but some are for free. Many of the gardens are from the time of the Shoguns (Edo times), but some are are from the Meiji and Taisho (early modern) periods as well. A few are from the Showa time (WWII and afterwards). Each is a snapshop of the fashion and trends during the times when they were created. So get ready to explore Japanese cultured natural beauty and see some of the architecture that inspired the marvels being built today by exploring the Tokyo Metropolitan Gardens

Tokyo Metropolitan Gardens across the Metropolis : 東京都故園

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Map Of The Tokyo Metropolitan Gardens (東京都故園)

More Information On Each Of The Tokyo Metropolitan Gardens : 東京都故園

Photo by Dominik Bednarz on Unsplash
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