Wood print of Oiwa’s ghost crawling out of a lantern to haunt her very bad husband Iemon.

Tokyo / Old Edo Yokai Obake Ghost Map

A Work in Progress

I am jumping the gun a little bit by publishing this map so early. All the places I referenced from the book
古地図で巡る 江戸の怪談 不思議さんぽ帖. I have put a lot of effort into finding the locations and inputting them into Google Maps and have done a very basic translation about the topic of each location from the book. However, the translations I have done so far come out a little nutty… So I will go to each place and research them one at a time to give you guys the full story. Hopefully I will be able to publish one post a day through October. But in the meantime, for your ghastly delight is the basic geography of horror during the Edo period. Enjoy !!

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