Metropolitan Gardens : 東京都故園, Japanese Culture, Happo-en. Giant carp swimming under a stone bridge at a traditional Japanese garden. Happo Garden aka Happo-en.

Happo-en aka Happo Garden – 八芳園 Japanese Gardens in Tokyo

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Happo-en : Garden Of Eight Views ~ 八芳園

Happo-en means garden of eight views and everywhere you look there is beautiful scenery. The garden is full of flowers all year round and has more than two hundred carps in the middle of Tokyo’s fashionable Shirokandai district.

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Information About Happo-En

  • Address:

    1-1-1 Shirokanedai, Minato-ku

  • Contact:


  • Open hours:

    10am – 10pm

  • Closed:

    the year end/new year and summer holidays

  • Entrance fee:

    Free of charge (Only applies to those using the facilities or restaurant)

Flower Calendar for Happo-En

  • Mid-Jan. – early Feb. : Japanese apricot (white)
  • Late Jan. – late Feb. : Kawazu-zakura cherry
  • Late Mar. – mid-Apr. : Yoshino-zakura cherry, Yae-zakura cherry
  • Early – mid-Apr : Weeping cherry, Azalea
  • Mid-Apr. – early May : Chinaberry
  • Late-May – early Jun. : Satsuki azalea
  • Mid-Jun. – mid-Jul. : French hydrangea
  • Early Jul. – late Sep. : Crape myrtle
  • Early – mid-Oct. : Orange osmathus
  • Late Oct. – mid-Nov. : Sasanqua
  • Late Nov. – mid-Dec. : Autumn leaves
  • Mid-Dec. – mid-Jan. : Camellia hiemalis
  • Mid-Dec. – early Mar. : Camellia
  • Late Dec. – mid-Jan. : Japanese apricot (pink)

Background and History of Happo-en

Happo-en, whose name (“garden of eight views”) reflects its beauty viewed from any angle, is a magnificent garden that has maintained the natural beauty of Edo Japan down through the centuries and bequeathed it to present day Tokyo. Nature that changes with the season is interspersed with historical buildings and relics of the past in this enchanting garden, which makes tasteful use of a hillside with a stream running through it covering a vast 50,000m² area in Tokyo’s fashionable Shirokandai district. Happo-en is carpeted by cherry blossoms in springtime, a vibrant garden of azaleas arises as summer unfolds, flaming leaves drop in autumn, and an ethereal, turns into an ethereal, snow-covered landscape in winter. It is a sincere pleasure to welcome guests, with heartfelt hospitality, to this garden that pays homage to the gentle tranquility of each passing season.

Features and Sights to See

Cherry Blossoms

Happo Garden contains several different varieties of cherry blossom trees, including Kawazu-zakura, Yoshino-zakura, Weeping and Yae-zakura cherries, allowing you to take in the cherry blossoms for a long time each year.

Suichin and the pond

Suichin looks out over the pond which is home to over two hundred carps and the scenery will make you forget you’re in Tokyo.

The Suichin is a small building for observing the garden and pond a little out of the weather.

The hills of Shirokanedai

The hills very in height making for a different view from each direction and scenery that can be enjoyed all year round.

The Shirokanedai hills in Happo-en garden.

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