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Jul 01 2025


From Shizuoka it is July 10th!
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Mountain Opening Day in Japan 山開き やまびらき

Different Mountains Become Open for Hiking at Different Times

Mountain Opening (山開き やまびらき) means that climbing is allowed for the first time in that year.

On the first day of Mountain Opening Day, safety prayer rituals and opening declarations are made for the Beginning of summer mountain climbing season. The day of opening the mountain for hiking varies depending on the mountain, but they take place from the end of March to the beginning of July.

Mt. Fuji has Two Openings for Different Trail Heads

July 1st, is when Mt. Fuji hiking season begins from the Yamanashi Prefecture side (Yoshidaguchi). From there it lasts until September 14th. However, Shizuoka Prefecture’s Fujinomiya Exit and Subashiri Exit both open on July 10th and their hiking season is finished on September 10th! So be careful where you intend to begin hiking from and on what date, or you could be very disappointed! The volcano is closed to hikers before this time.

The Opening Ceremony at Asama Shrine on Mt. Fuji

Mountain Opening at Mt. Fuji Main Palace Asama Shrine is held on July 10th and has several events that might be interesting to people visiting Japan.

Check It Out Yourself

Please copy and paste the Japanese below plus the mountain name of the place you want to go hiking at to find out when it is open for trekking.



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